Poker Over Time: A Game with Deep Roots
Poker Over Time: A Game with Deep Roots

Poker Over Time: A Game with Deep Roots

Poker, a very popular game that people around the entire globe play have far deeper roots that you can imagine. What seems like a contemporary game has been there since time immemorable. It sure has undergone much modification. However, the very fact that people had known of the game and had been playing it since ages is fascinating.

When did it start?

As many people debate, poker originated in the 16th century as ‘As Nas,’ a Persian game of cards. Some people even claim that the Chinese emperor in the early 10th century used to play a game very similar to poker (domino-card), which is when it originated. The most accurate counterpart of the game can be called ‘primero,’ which was a game that was born in Spain in the 16th century.

Spread of Primero

French and Germans introduced their versions of Primero in the 17th century. While the French called it Poque, the Germans named this poker variant as Pochen. Since both these games are the closest to how poker is played, they are believed to be the origin of the actual game by many people.


Till the time people played As Nas, Primero, Pochen, and Poque in their primitive form, these games remained as regional games. The French colonists took the first step to globalize this card game. As French colonists moved to New Orleans and other surrounding parts of North America, they took the game with them and made it popular in those regions. This happened in the 17th century, and the game started slowly spreading to other parts.

As New Orleans became a part of the United States, the people residing in the United States renamed Poque as poker. They also played around with the rules of playing the game and came up with their own modified version of Poque- Anglicized Poque.

Ever since, it spread to places, like the Mississippi River and the Civil War took it to more places. The game also spread to other continents and found its significant place in the United Kingdom as well. Though the game spread globally, every place has its version of the game.

Current Scenario

If you wonder what form of poker is most popular, it would sure be safe to say Texas Hold’em is the most popular type of poker game. Furthermore, poker games, like judi poker online are really easy to find on the internet. Right from spreading to different countries, poker has also made it to the online world.

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